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Victory of SRB in fight against Rizkarna restaurant


The fight of The network of the revolutionary cells (SRB) against Prague restaurant Rizkarna lasted over a year. The owner of the restaurant Vladimir Krulec didn’t pay wages to his employees. He finally admitted defeat. After pressure of SRB he payed owed wages to some of the employees who worked there.

SRB organized different sabotages of the restaurant since March 2015. Four times restaurants’ cars were set on fire. Few times the restaurant was disrupted with the Butiric acid. There was also dozens of forced evacuations witch caused enclosure for the public. The sabotages were an extensive loss for the business. The threat of more damages finally made Krulec to admit his defeat. He did what SRB wanted him to: to pay those owed wages.

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Úvahy o buňkách vířících stojaté vody


Asociace Alerta je jednou z mála skupin, které dokáží pochopit a analyzovat smysl SRB. Zveřejňujeme text, který to dokládá. Asociace Alerta ho původně publikovala v revue Dialog.

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